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Year 11 Reporting and Continuous Feedback

Year 11 Reporting and Continuous Feedback

Author: Chris Nastrom-Smith
Author Role: Director of Junior Secondary

With Unit 2 assessment complete and Unit 3 now underway, students will begin to reap the benefits of the new QCE system's increased learning time and reduced assessment load. These factors should lead to more time available for students to navigate the content, ask questions, and develop a deeper understanding of the course work in partnership with their teachers. Year 11 students can also take comfort in the knowledge that they only have three internal pieces of assessment left to complete for each subject.

With the commencement of summative assessment, the value of the feedback CHAC has stored in Learning Analytics for each student cannot be overstated. Students new to Senior Secondary take time to adjust to this concept of ‘block’ exams, and similarly, students will also take time to adjust to the style of assessment required in the new system. With Year 11 subjects modelling their formative assessment instruments on the summative pieces of Units 3 and 4, students have gained direct experience and feedback on how they have performed under those conditions. This valuable feedback is available for them in Learning Analytics.

I hope all families are engaging with the continuous reporting and feedback features of the Learning Analytics suite. Students can access Learning Analytics with a simple 'one-click' sequence through the College gateway, as seen in the step-by-step Student Guide. Parents can also access their student's assessment results and feedback in Learning Analytics via the link on the College website. More detailed instructions are contained in the 'How to Guide'.

Year 11 students' end of Unit 2 reports will be released to parents during the week commencing November 4, once staff have completed marking and moderating. Our Heads of House will then look at each student report and provide an overall pastoral comment that celebrates the success of each student, and, when necessary, identifies some areas of growth.