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Year 10 students wow at showcase

Year 10 students wow at showcase

Author: Barbara Mossman
Author Role: Head of Gifted and Enterprise Education

Last week, the College held The Project Showcase, where this year’s classes of the Year 10 elective, The Project, revealed the extraordinary results of focused work on their semester-long, mentored 'passion projects' from 2020. As is usual for this subject, projects were as diverse as the individuals who undertook them, ranging from written works such as plays and short story anthologies to films and science research investigations to IT projects and collections of theatrical props.

The Project Showcase featured projects from both Semester 1 and Semester 2 classes, as students who took the subject earlier in the year were unable to present at that time due to COVID-19. The College congratulates every student on their impressive presentations and achievements this year. Thanks to all who assisted students to achieve their project dreams this year.

The Project Showcase program is available here and it lists students and their projects. 

Please read on after photo gallery of the evening for some students’ reflections on their experience and achievements.

Ms Barbara Mossman

Student Perspectives…

Hannah Marek on her song-writing… Before and early in The Project, I struggled with my confidence. Throughout and after The Project I started to become comfortable with my voice and singing with other people. I gained a lot of faith in myself as a musician and a singer and this allowed me to create and write music without the limits of my own negativity. It also allowed me to audition for a lead in the school musical because I had a little more faith in myself. (NB: Hannah subsequently succeeded in winning a lead in next year’s production of The Addams Family) Overall, The Project was less about making a song, for me, and more about my own personal growth in music, productivity and character.

Sam Detaille on his graphic design folio… In my project, I set out to complete five graphic designs on a client demand basis. I did this for three reasons: to strengthen my design abilities, to learn how to work with clients, and to start adding to my portfolio. Also, I believe that in a professional world I’ll have to apply the project management elements learned in The Project to make sure my tasks be completed on time. I’m very proud of the designs I created and think that they came out as I envisioned them. Also, I’m not usually very confident speaker but being honest and passionate about my project was the reason I presented so well at The Project Showcase. The project evening was great, I had many compliments, not only about my designs but also about my presentation skills. Overall, I’m proud of what I learnt and what I made, and I look forward to expanding these in a career path that I now think is suited for me, graphic design.  

Lucia Ramirez on her photography… In The Project, I significantly improved my photography skills and learnt all about my camera. I now understand the technical concepts of photography as well as lighting and composition. I am very proud of how far I have come in this project as now I have the confidence to start trying landscape photography. I will continue doing photography as now I am taking my camera everywhere I go.

Millie Rollason on her prop designs… I am very proud of my first proper full-size props made in The Project. At the beginning I was very scared, I didn’t have much faith in what I could do and had very low expectations. I didn’t want anyone to see what I was doing and was too shy to show people anything. Now, however, I am so proud. I never thought I was capable enough for this class, but now I know I can do it, no matter what it is. Initially, I was so out of my comfort zone in this class but now I am so excited to keep making props for the musical. I am not usually someone that likes to talk about what they have done, but with this project, I am proud and like to show it to people.

Tayah Uren on her short story anthology… I am extremely happy with what I have produced over this last semester, and this has definitely solidified my passion in creative writing. I’m 100% going to do some sort of degree with creative writing in university. Planning my stories was a little strange because I don’t usually do it, but I think it actually helped as I had an idea of how I wanted them to turn out. My story concepts have also definitely developed. I’ve gone from writing little one-off stories to writing an anthology of stories with depth and meaning. I believe literally every aspect of my writing has improved greatly during this semester and I’ve had so much fun discovering new depths in my writing capabilities. This experience has truly been more than I could ever hope for…and I’m extremely lucky to have been able to participate in it. Thank you, Ms Mossman, for pushing me to my limits (and a little further). Thank you for believing in me.

Oliver Cameron on his short film noir film… My project was an amazing experience. I learnt a lot about my dream career while affirming that it was indeed my dream career. Despite difficulties I had to overcome, I’m incredibly proud of the end product. This project showed me how fun making a film can be and I really enjoyed working with the team I’d chosen and being in control of every aspect of my film. I am so proud of this project and can’t wait to put it into festivals and show it to the world. I know for sure that I will be making more films and one day I hope to be able to show one of my films in cinemas. This subject offered me an opportunity I’d never really had before and I’m incredibly grateful to everyone who helped me out.

Rebecca Davis on her interior design project… The Project has been a valuable opportunity for me because it meant that I was able to pursue interior design, an area I am passionate in, to a greater level. This allowed me to experiment with this as a career choice and decide whether interior design is what I want to do in the future, which I now would. I’ve gained a lot of skills over the course of my project. I learnt how to use SketchUp and learnt a lot about different types of colour schemes and how to make one. I also learnt about nineteen different aesthetics/styles of interior design and their components and about how to manage a project and improve my time management. Finally, I learnt how much I enjoyed using SketchUp and finding furniture for my client, as tedious as it could be.  

Leila O’Brien on her sustainability project… I am really proud of the Green School Initiative I produced this semester. I think my strengths lay in Project Management as I had a lot to do but stayed on top of it and stuck to the deadlines I set for myself. I think that my final initiative if implemented, could have positive and long-lasting results. From my project and its research, I found that there is so much more we could do to promote sustainability at CHAC and I hope that my project can help identify what can be done and where.

After the Project, I was invited to a meeting with Mr O’Brien, Mrs Campbell and Mr Batterham (an external sustainability consultant) to discuss an Environmental Sustainability Policy for CHAC. In this meeting, I raised some key information that I found throughout my project that I thought was important to address and have now been asked to review and make suggestions to update CHAC’s Sustainability Policy. This was very exciting as it made me feel as if my Project and Initiative are helping improve sustainability at CHAC.  

Hannah Robinson on her short story anthology... Through the course of this semester, I have successfully completed stories that each encompass the issues of a different generation; however, this was not without challenges. I over-planned my first story as I was terrified to actually start writing and it was further delayed as I am a perfectionist, and every sentence I wrote had to come out perfectly, otherwise it was deleted. This project also made it apparent that I love to overwrite and create beautiful descriptions, despite having little relevance to the actual story. I also realised that I didn’t quite understand the meaning of overwriting, only that I did it. Through mentor feedback, I began to understand what overwriting was and how I could minimise it, which is ultimately how I improved. By the end of writing the second story, I was able to filter my work and cut out overwritten parts to create a much cleaner story that was still just as impactful.

I am extremely proud and happy with what I have produced. I am very glad I chose the concept that I did as it enabled me to both write meaningfully and also write historical fiction, which I love to read. I also enjoyed getting to know my family better for my project and will be forever grateful for the invaluable discussions about the childhoods of my grandma and mum. In some ways this project made me more grateful for the world I am growing up in – knowing how much easier life is (in some ways) and noticing the progressive step in gender equality from my grandma’s generation to mine. However, it also made me more aware of the dangers of the online-dependent world I live in.

I entered into the project with a passion for creative writing and have exited with an abundance of knowledge, not only of the area of writing itself but also of my own strengths and weaknesses. I have improved significantly over the term as a writer and can say that I successfully did what I set out to do – write beautiful, impactful and meaningful stories, play around with language, and improve and gain a better understanding of my weaknesses through receiving mentor feedback.