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Year 10 Projects impress

Year 10 Projects impress

Author: Barbara Mossman
Author Role: Head of Gifted and Enterprise Education

Outstanding achievement was the order of the day when students in the Year 10 elective subject The Project revealed their end of semester presentations. In the second year the subject has run, our students once again showed what they are capable of achieving in an area of passion, when given the time and resources required to develop their skills. Projects were as diverse as the students who chose them, but their commonality was students’ aspiration to excellence and the opportunity afforded for growth in skills and knowledge as well as personal growth. All students had to overcome obstacles – with the added complications posed by COVID-19 home isolation – and all managed to attain success in their chosen area. To help reach their goals, students were mentored by staff and professionals within their chosen area who gave of their time and expertise. Thanks to the members of the College community who assisted with aspects of these incredible projects. Congratulations to all students for their impressive achievements.

The projects for Semester 2020 were:

Mitch Zarb - an IT network problem solution
Alice Dagwell -  an album of ten recorded songs
Maggie Ngan - a collection of recorded songs inspired by stories from the bush fires
Anneka Waters - a health and nutrition blog featuring a range of recipes
Liley Smith - a wearable art range
Alison De La Cruz - a science research investigation into the impact of sugar on obesity and mood
Thomas Formica - a photography folio
Charlize Lacey - a horror/suspense film
Lachlan Whyte - an animated film aimed at raising awareness of epilepsy
Victoria Anderson-Bond - a stop-motion animation where stationery takes on a life of its own
Mikayla Davies - a one-act play
Mackenzie Burns - a social justice project focused on the elderly resulting in a feature article
Zoe Samson-Wood - recorded songs


"The most amazing part of this process has been what I’ve learnt. This semester has been an incredible experience where my skills in music have grown and developed so much. Having a theme for my album gave me a purpose when writing my songs and an audience that I wanted to connect to. This allowed me to produce songs that meant something to me and might even mean something to someone else. That was my ultimate goal: for my passion in music to allow me to connect with others. Additionally, I can now happily say that I will continue music, because now, my music is more than notes and words. As expected, I was faced with a few challenges; confidence being one them... However, this subject taught me that that is fine. My work does not have to be perfect. All that matters is that I have improved and am excited to continue to improve. This subject taught me that I can do great things when I put my mind to it." Maggie Ngan: singer-songwriter

"'There is nothing wrong with you'. This is a message that everyone should carry with them throughout their lives. My project involves a stop-motion animation of a cartoon of myself and is dedicated to helping other teenagers who are struggling with Epilepsy, which is a condition that I, myself, have been afflicted with. My animation involves a step-by-step guide on how to live your life normally with Epilepsy. Through The Project, I’ve learnt that even with planning, nothing will ever be perfect and that the animation process takes time... I wish to put this video on YouTube so that it can be easily accessible to anyone. I also wish to send it to Epilepsy Queensland so that they hopefully show my film to anyone looking for help. Ultimately, I want to pave the way for a future career in animation and create a positive impact upon as many people as possible." Lachlan Whyte: animated filmmaker

"'There is no success without hardship,' Greek playwright Sophocles said. I have heard this quote many times, however, never really thought much of it, until The Project. I signed up for The Project to learn more about my area of passion. I wanted to develop my skills in all aspects of film making... I can truly say that this has been one of the most difficult subjects, because even though I had experience in the acting area, I had no clue how to actually make a film. I believe this has been one of the most valuable experiences I have ever had. Throughout this amazing journey, I have learnt so much about how much effort and failure it takes to make a short film. The most important thing I have learnt is that I am determined and resilient. My passion for acting has grown even stronger and I’m sure that determination and resilience is something I will need when trying to make it in Hollywood! I have also developed a greater understanding of the process of film making and acting for camera. This journey was so useful since I can take away skills from this subject to use in my future life and career." Charlize Lacy: actor, scriptwriter and filmmaker

"The internet, funnily enough, is overwhelmed with advertisements, which invade privacy and distract the viewer. This was my chosen quest that I wanted to tackle at the College. Luckily, with the combination of software solutions and tactics, I have been able to combine and renovate pre-existing software into a robust system that seamlessly integrates with existing filters and solutions throughout the workplace that will allow for the moderation of advertisements and internet-based content. A reoccurring question that might be floating around the minds of the reader is why a 15-year-old decided to undertake such a large task. My answer is clear: that technology is my passion and I wanted to do my best in a subject that would demonstrate and allow me to communicate my passion to a larger group." Mitch Zarb: IT software engineering


"This project was not easy. I faced many challenges over the course of half a year, however, I learned many invaluable lessons. I learnt new skills, studied methods of journalism and how to write feature articles. Throughout the different styles of work I attempted, a key skill I gained was the ability to reflect directly on my work, my struggles and related aspects of my project. Although meeting with the elderly was essential to my project, I genuinely enjoyed and looked forward to meeting and conversing with Prescare Vela Nursing Home residents. Throughout the many stories I heard and conversations I had, the insight into the lives of residents was priceless. I listened to people that loved the nursing home and others who were truly alone, without family or friends. These relationships helped me understand and empathise with the struggles elderly people had to go through, without family, after a life full of hardships. Without this elective, I can safely say I wouldn’t be the same person I am today, the experiences I’ve had through The Project have been an important part of my life." Mackenzie Burns: social justice advocate and feature writer

"My project was an opportunity to explore aspects of theatre that I have admired but never had been able to truly partake in. Through this experience, I have discovered that I would like to spend some more time testing the waters in behind-the-scenes roles such as playwriting and directing. While I wrote my script, I found myself halting the writing to run through exactly how I’d stage the scene, how the costuming would fit into the narrative, and diving into many other ideas to do with how the play would be actually staged. Now, at the end of it all, I have the first draft of a short, one-act play that I can further expand upon and refine. I feel that this work is a huge step towards my goals and improvement as a writer." Mikayla Davies: playwright

"I am happy to say that I have come out the other end of The Project with a professional-calibre scientific research investigation, which is what I aimed for. My project is complete, and I have gained so much from this experience. My writing style has drastically improved and I can now proudly say that I can write effectively in the scientific genre. Furthermore, I now understand a variety of scientific, mathematical and statistical terminology, some that I hadn’t even heard of before. Additionally, completing this report has provided me with clarity about my desired career choice. I am now certain that a career in medicine is right for me. This is because, I not only enjoyed every second of both researching and writing my report, but sometimes I would go down the rabbit hole and not look up from my laptop for hours on end." Alison De La Cruz: science researcher

"My project has left me with experiences that will last a lifetime, and I believe that I learnt the most when I was faced with the aspects of my project that I was most unfamiliar with. I dove head-first into this phase of discovery – the recording chapter of my project. Working in Ghostgum Audio studios was so new to me, but I was fortunate enough to have the incredible support of Mr Quinn. Recording in the studios and being in a professional environment, undoubtedly made me step up my game. Throughout the recording process, I gained a greater understanding of what goes on behind the closed doors of the music industry." Alice Dagwell: singer-songwriter

"I am so thankful to have had this experience as it has allowed me to gain involvement with something I am passionate about and I have learnt many lessons that will benefit my future, like more knowledge about health and nutrition and the importance of time efficiency. I have also gained confidence. Before I used to be nervous and scared to talk, even informally in front of a class, but I found that I was happy to talk about something that I was passionate about and was my own creation. I also learnt many skills in photography, which is evident in my work, and my photos have improved drastically from my first to my last. I am also much more motivated to be healthy, and now I definitely know being a nutritionist is a job to consider pursuing after school." Anneka Waters: health blogger and food photographer