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Year 10 Drama Production Hoods

Year 10 Drama Production Hoods

Three children seeing a dangerous world through innocent eyes; two hoods embarking on an exploration; one mother, fighting for survival. The play Hoods by Angela Betzien and directed by Ms Mungavin was presented in the Drama Studio at the end of Term 1, as part of our performing assessment for our current unit Enter My World. The production not only challenged our abilities as actors but challenged us to stretch our thinking to understand and convey mature themes.

Angela Betzien’s Hoods is centred around two young kids, a nine-year-old girl and her 11-year-old brother, who have been abandoned in a car overnight. Each actor had the opportunity to explore different emotions felt by the children, as complex themes were explored such as poverty and domestic violence. Personally, the most powerful aspect of the play was the setting – not far from home in the outskirts of Brisbane. It opened the eyes of the actors and audience, and demonstrated just how fortunate, and somewhat ignorant, we really are.


The creation progress of this play has involved many hours of hard work; however, the final product was well worth the effort. As Drama students, we were introduced to different techniques such as chorus work, multiple character changes and physical theatre, all of which had their difficulties; however, the collaboration and team work made the production simple and enjoyable. For most of the actors, the highlight of the term was the performance – our chance to show everyone our work and perform something we believed in. This play was so different to everything we had done before but it was so much fun navigating and experimenting; we have all learnt so much as actors. Being in such a powerful story means that even when we no longer work with the character, their stories and experiences will have opened our eyes. It is the power of drama.

Emma Cooney, Year 10