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Year 10 Dive into CHAC Tank

Year 10 Dive into CHAC Tank

During Activities Week, it was Year 10’s turn to be involved in a new program based out of the Enterprise Centre. The program – CHAC Tank – aimed to help focus students on their own areas of skill or aptitude prior to consideration of future pathways and subject selection for Senior Secondary. Over three days, students participated in workshops focused on skills valued in the world of work such as collaboration, communication/pitching, design thinking and critical thinking. They were then challenged to compete in teams to sell to a panel of judges their idea for a marketing campaign and video advertisement concept aimed at teenagers. After a series of hotly-contested heats, five teams emerged as the finalists to battle it out in a PitchFest to the CHAC Tank Panel.

The winning team, with a clever strategy aiming to convince teenagers of the value of learning a language, was a unanimous choice with judges and a hit with their Year 10 peers. The winning CHAC Tank team was awarded certificates and prizes. Congratulations to Zak Woods, Will Riemann, Olivia Turner, Jack Armitage and Bayley O’Callaghan. Aspiring Entrepreneur Awards went to: Becky Donnan, Sophie Greer, Will Ewart, Julia Ralston and Brooke Smith.

Year 10 students particularly enjoyed a plenary session with a panel of ex-students who returned to the College to share their perspectives on what is important to know when moving into the workplace and charting one’s future direction. The panel shared stories of varied pathways into their current careers, reassuring our students that it is quite normal not to know what you want to do in the future when you are still only in Year 10! Thank you to Tim Andrews, Inga Tracey, Thomas Wheallens, Ben Osbourne, Gaby Rundle-Thiele and Tim Henderson for your insightful comments.

Special thanks to highly successful entrepreneur Vu Tran (Year 12, 2006) who opened the CHAC Tank program. Also deserving of our gratitude was John Hatfield (Year 12, 2017), a recent ex-student who is already working in the entrepreneurial space. John returned to CHAC for the week to deliver a workshop on Ideation and mentor students as they worked through their projects. Thanks, too, to the many staff who worked to deliver workshops, supervise students and judge student presentations on the final day.

Barbara Mossman
Coordinator: Gifted and Enterprise Education

Students reflect on their CHAC Tank experience

What I found really interesting and useful about the course was the real-life application of the things we learnt within the course. This includes the pitching class, the creative thinking class, the personality-type identification and the final project where we presented/pitched our idea. I also found the fact we had to think for ourselves and be creative throughout the three days really cool. At this stage (half way through Year 10) we are all beginning to think about what we would like to pursue in the future. I think the skills we learnt in this course apply to not just entrepreneurship, but also to most professions. Overall, I found the course fun, interesting, challenging and useful and I’d would definitely recommend it/do it again.
Zak Woods

The Year 10 CHAC Tank program allowed students to take the initiative to involve themselves in a business proposal that aims to solve one of the problems of the modern world. The scaffolding around the program included an opportunity to hear from a panel of past students in a variety of career fields. One of the past students who spoke is currently in public relations with Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC). I was personally very engaged in what she said as this is a similar career path to the one I am considering. After the presentations, I introduced myself to her and we discussed the possibilities of work experience at QPAC. This networking opportunity was only possible through the CHAC Tank opportunity. Another aspect of the CHAC Tank program was giving students real-world knowledge and experience of how to write and deliver a business proposal that would engage potential investors. This knowledge of a business pitch is vital in the competitive workforce. The way each group of Year 10 students tackled this aspect of the program was diverse, with the winning group demonstrating that humour is an extremely powerful persuasive technique! The feedback from myself and other Year 10 students is that CHAC Tank was an interesting program as it gave us an opportunity to individually excel in our areas of strength, such as the media campaign (poster or video), public speaking, writing promotional material or team management. The combined talents of our various groups ensured the success of the program across the year level.
Becky Donnan

In Week 2, Year 10 students completed the CHAC Tank challenge, as part of the new Enterprise Program. Over the four days of ideation, collaboration and creativity, small teams designed and presented a persuasive pitch to promote issues ranging from the importance of exercise, to the value of learning a second language. My team was lucky enough to make it to the semi-finals, in which we had to present our pitch to our peers and a panel of judges. I found the CHAC Tank challenge a great chance for us to step outside our comfort zones, work with new people, and develop vital skills such as teamwork and problem-solving.
Hannah Elmes