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Year 10 Arts showcase

Year 10 Arts showcase

Author: Dr Malcolm Cole
Author Role: Head of Faculty - The Arts

“High Resolves” in Year 10 Media 

Year 10 Media Art has been involved in a unique learning experience this term working with High Resolves and Open Learning to produce films for the countrywide competition Videos for Change. These films address the topic “What does community mean in a time of crisis”.  Twenty students enrolled in an Open Learning course, which provided scaffolded learning through modules with plenty of thought-provoking questions and activities, as well as video content from other students.

The Video for Change competition opened on 8 June with entries closing on 13 September 2020.

Stay tuned for how you can watch and vote for your favourite film made by CHAC students.

Ms Johnson, Year 10 Media Art teacher 

Recording original songs in Studio A, Year 10 Music –  by Maggie Ngan and Mia Brewerton, Year 10

Last week, the Year 10 music class was privileged enough to attend an incursion to the Ghostgum Audio studios at CHAC. This was an incredible experience, which allowed us to become exposed to what goes on inside the closed doors of recording studios. This experience allowed all students to see the process of recording their own songs, which was a rare and invaluable experience for Year 10 students.

When it came to recording in the studio, it was an overwhelming experience and definitely one to remember. The sense of professionalism in Ghostgum allowed our class to enhance their music knowledge and truly immerse themselves into the studio environment. Over the three hours we spent in the studio, there were many challenges, including the pressure of playing your part without the support of your fellow band members, and making sure that we knew our parts perfectly.

However, with the help of Mr Quinn and the students allocated to assist in the studio, our groups were able to produce songs that exceeded all expectations. We couldn’t recommend this subject enough for students who are thinking of taking Year 10 music in future year levels. We now have a deeper insight into the music industry and the high level of professionalism our class encountered when recording our own original songs made this an unforgettable experience.

Thank you to everyone who made this experience possible. We have all benefited from this greatly and it will never be forgotten.

10 Drama Physical Theatre Performance – by Amelie Wiemers, Year 10

In Year 10 Drama this year, our class had the privilege of welcoming three instructors from Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre to help us devise a unique physical theatre performance. During Term 1 leading up to the performance, we enhanced our dramatic skills and learnt all about the viewpoints of physical theatre through workshops with Zen Zen Zo. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, we were unable to perform for our parents and friends at the end of Term 1. However, we were eventually able to perform recently for a small group of Arts teachers. The whole process of devising the performance was extremely enjoyable and enriching for the entire class. We once again thank Zen Zen Zo for sharing their knowledge and expertise that enabled us to create a powerful, thought-provoking piece of theatre.