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Year 10 Art student accepted into renowned visual art program

Year 10 Art student accepted into renowned visual art program

Author: Jennifer Chaplin
Author Role: Secondary Arts Teacher

Congratulations to Mikayla Davies for being accepted into the In residence 2020 visual arts program supported by Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA). Students were asked to respond to an artwork by Australian multi-disciplinary artist Abdul Abdullah - Bride 1 (Victoria), ‘Coming to terms series’, 2015. Students submitted both a written and practical reaction to his provocative work.

"Embedded deep within our society is the dichotomy of love and marriage. Love is often ascribed as universal and marriage as the ultimate commitment to love, but lawful marriage has long been extraordinarily exclusive to a man and woman. An inherent contradiction of the institution. But who gets to decide what makes one type of love more valid than another? Love exists in many forms; it cannot simply be black or white. For so long, there has been a great divide in the idea of marriage, there is marriage and then gay marriage. Why can’t love simply be love? Two hands reaching across the voids of emptiness between atoms to find one another, isn’t that enough?

"In over 70 countries, people can be arrested for the crime of wishing to express the joy that love brings, the feeling of, at last, summer warmth as their love smiles on the coldest winter day, how can that be wrong?"

Mikayla Davies