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Year 10 Art is 'On Fire'

Year 10 Art is 'On Fire'

Author: Colleen Boyle
Author Role: Visual Art teacher

Wearable Art students spent an afternoon viewing the exciting exhibition at the IMA titled On Fire last Friday. The work of fifteen Australian artists was on display, all relating to themes of global warming and climate threat.

One of the artists, Naomi Blacklock, is a past CHAC graduate from 2007. Her challenging work, situated in a darkened room, consisted of a large pyre of charred logs surrounding a bubbling pool of dark water, referencing the destructive fires from just over a year ago.

The work from the exhibition linked perfectly with the focus for our students’ wearable art, as they develop ideas related to the environment and climate change.

Artist Workshop

This week, the Year 10 Ceramics class welcomed back Ms Glenda Hennig to work with students on wheel throwing. Ms Hennig is a familiar face in our department having been CHAC’s Head of Faculty – The Arts until 2003. Everyone benefitted from her experience as a ceramist and teacher as they built their own ceramic folios for the Spinning a Story unit.