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Write A Book In A Day

Write A Book In A Day

On Thursday 9 August, five Year 6 students and five Year 5 students participated in Write a Book in A Day. They accepted the challenge of writing an entire chapter book in 10 hours and 30 minutes. We met at 7am and walked to the Enterprise Centre where we would work on, and publish, our book.

The students attending were:

Year 5 Authors: Nicholas Anderson-Bond, Sacha Newberry, Lucas Collings and Sarah Humphreys.

Year 6 Authors: Toby Chippendale, Ryan Glennon, Joshua Liew and Sam Orford.

Year 5 Illustrator: Lilly Albina.

Year 6 Illustrator: Amelie Borman.

We began the day by looking over all the parameters. We had to include three main characters: a netball player, a personal trainer and a non-human character – a bird. We also had to include five specific words: Silver, clock, prickly, patch and struggle. Finally, the story had to feature something often associated with Australia.

After looking over the parameters, we began the brainstorming process. We chose names for our characters, their personal traits, their interests, likes and dislikes. We then split into groups to work on our individual chapters. After typing-up the chapters and talking with our peers, we met in our brainstorming area so we could edit the story. Then, following the first editing process, we split up into our groups yet again to create new chapters and critique our work even further. The illustrators then read the chapters we had made so far and began work.

After about four hours, (and a bit of laughter along the way) we met up again in our brainstorming area and perfected the new chapters, and finalised the old chapters so we could add a bit more to our story. We decided to create a few more chapters to help with the relevance of our character Nathan Wyatt and so we could make the story more fluid and easier to read. After the creation of these chapters, the artists began making their final artworks.

Then, after another two hours, we reconvened in our brainstorming area and read the entire story aloud, chapter by chapter. After a much longer editing process, we decided to combine all the chapters to create our book. We created the book, read it aloud and edited the chapters for the final time before finishing our book with about half an hour to spare. The artists scanned their artworks into the computer and added them to the final copy of the book, thus finishing the process of writing our book in less than one day.

Thank you to every student who participated in writing this book and to all the staff that gave up their time to supervise: Miss Cromarty, Mr Laisby, Ms Spencer, Ms Knott and Ms Mossman. Without you all, Write a Book in a Day would not have been possible.

Ryan Glennon, Year 6