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World Science Championships

World Science Championships

Author: Gay Ellyett
Author Role: Coordinator Exceptional Scientists' Program

In August during Science Week, students who chose to enter the World Science Championships were tested on their science skills across all disciplines of Science. They were able to log into the competition at any time during Science Week and answer questions to gain points. As they reached certain thresholds, they earned certificates.

This competition is run during Science Week every year by Education Perfect. All CHAC students are entered, and many choose to participate. It is an online competition comprising questions that are set in relevant contexts and test the skills outlined in the Australian Curriculum. 

Schools from many countries in the world entered the competition. The competition comprised questions that tested science skills including Science Understanding, Science Investigation, Science as a Human Endeavour all in authentic contexts. Over 22 million science questions were answered by participating students. CHAC students performed very well as evidenced by the following Australian statistics:

The top scorer at CHAC was Mikayla Davies (Year 10) who achieved an Emerald Award. She was placed in the top 1 per cent of all competitors and ranked 335th in the world.

All award winners are listed in the table below. Well done to all students who entered the spirit of Science Week by participating in this seven-day event.

Student name Year level Points Award
Mikayla DAVIES 10 5 0010 Emerald
Sarah LEONARD 9 4 414 Gold
Hannah JESSER 8 2 038 Silver
Sarah SPALDING 9 1 650 Bronze 
Sarah SPENCE 8 1 509 Bronze
Nicholas GILL 7 1 508 Bronze
Zhenghao OU 7 1 017 Bronze
Emma TOPP 9 857 Credit
Edward HAMBLING 7 589 Credit
Kaya LURIE 9 511 Credit
George COBURN 8 504 Credit