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World Scholars' Cup and Rostrum Public Speakers

World Scholars' Cup and Rostrum Public Speakers

World Scholars’ Cup

In the first week of the Easter Break, five CHAC teams will represent the College in the challenging World Scholars’ Cup academic competition, to be held at Churchie in East Brisbane. Students involved have been busy preparing over the past six weeks, familiarising themselves with an extensive, mind-expanding body of knowledge under the theme An Entangled World. Areas for investigation include: the nature of memory (Science), the operation of black markets (Social Science), the development of diplomacy (History), Art and Literature, and the complex nature of human relationships and their evolution in the digital age.

The World Scholars’ Cup is an international academic competition operating in over 50 countries with the aim of “inspiring a global community of future scholars and leaders” and was held for the first time in Brisbane last year. Teams will compete in four events: essay writing, impromptu debating, an exam paper and a multiple-choice collaborative quiz in an auditorium where teams select their answers under time pressure, using electronic clickers.

On behalf of the College, good luck to the sixteen – now extremely knowledgeable – students who will fly the CHAC flag in the competition after Easter! They are: Alice Dagwell, Tayah Uren, Alec Wills, Oliver Cameron, Rebecca Leonard, Daniel Carton, Ella Blacker, Lily Smith, Jacques Dennison, Mia Forsingdal, Oliver Lindsay, Emily Van Wyk, Ciaran Komarakul-Greene, Lars Forsingdal, Sophie Corcoran and Sam Clark (Reserve).

Public Speaking

The capacity to communicate convincingly is a highly valued skill, both inside and outside school life, so we commend College students who are focused on developing their speaking ability through involvement in public speaking competitions. CHAC currently has a group of public speakers busy writing speeches to be presented in Rostrum’s Voice of Youth Public Speaking Competition, which takes place at the end of the second week of Term 2 at QUT, Gardens Point. Rostrum’s Voice of Youth Public Speaking Competition is the best-known and longest-running student competition in Australia, usually attracting close to a thousand entrants in Queensland alone.

Ten Junior Secondary students will represent the College in first-round heats. The students are: Lucy Farrell (Year 7); Oliver Cameron, Darcy Hagan, Lily Chippendale, Charlie Fraser (Year 8); Juliet Munro, Sam Clark, Naveen Hingorani, Tayiah Zabala and Remi Thiesfield (Year 9). We wish all students well as they develop and practise their speeches in the weeks leading up to the competition.

Barbara Mossman
Coordinator: Gifted and Enterprise Education