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Winners announced for the Isolated Arts competition

Winners announced for the Isolated Arts competition

Author: Dr Malcolm Cole
Author Role: Head of Arts Faculty

Isolated Arts Competition

Congratulations to all students who entered original artworks into the Isolated Arts Competition. We are very pleased to announce the winning entries and give a ‘shout out’ to special entries. Thank you to the Arts Ambassadors, and Arts and IT staff for all your assistance in staging the competition.


Art Charlotte Davison – painting “My Isolation Desert Island
Shout Out –  Maya Bostockpainting
Music  Aiden Tran – original piano piece “The Thunder’s Peaceful Roar
Drama  Niamh Duggan – Performance “All My Great Excuses
Media Jessica and Sophia Klinge, James and Ryan McClellan –Short film “Home Isolation


Junior Secondary

Art Matthew and Juliet Webster – Garden inspired and sourced work
Music Yael Niggemann – original song “I Need to Socialise”
Drama Leroy Arundell – staged piano performance “Spirited Away
Media Toby and Thomas Chippendale Guitar and vocal performance “On my own again” parody


Senior Secondary


Jessica Walker – "Dandelion Wishes" 
Shout Outs – Camilla Bastow "King of the Castle" and College Captains' artwork (see College Captains' artist statement below)

Media Ashleigh Turnbull – Film “Enjoy the Little Things”

Isolated/Not Isolated online music concert:

Thank you to all students who uploaded performances to be included in this online concert. The performances will be collated into an online presentation available through a link on the CHAC website. When the performance is ready, a notice will be sent out with details on accessing the concert.

Teaching and Learning in the Arts online:

Congratulations and thank you to all students and teachers for maintaining thoughtful, planned and productive teaching and learning in the Arts during the recent online weeks. Staff have commented on the enthusiasm and diligence of students in ensuring their presence and energies were focused on the work at hand. Teachers challenged students to explore their creativity and expand their artistic knowledge and we are all the better for it!

College Captains' Artist Statement:

"Our artwork, 2020 Seniors, is an ode to the challenges experienced and the resilience shown by the class of 2020, but also by all those in the CHAC community. This abstract piece combines an array of colours to represent the emotions associated with our isolation period and subsequent return to school. The green section in the upper, left-hand corner of the canvas, ranges from deep emerald to turquoise and contains splashes of yellow and pink depicting the uncertainty felt during these unprecedented times. Opposite this section is a mass of blues and deep reds representing the calm feelings associated with the slowing down of our busy lives. This then leads into an assortment of oranges that portray the endurance and strength shown in order to overcome the trials of self-isolation and dealing with the disappointment of events and rights of passages being restricted or cancelled. Finally, the lower left-hand corner of the canvas is comprised of pinks and purples illustrating the feelings of gratitude and happiness associated with returning to school and being able to reconnect with our CHAC community. In addition to this, we have also included quotes from the 2020 seniors regarding their experiences of isolation and specific words relating to the prevalent themes of 2020, including ‘motivation’, ‘inter-connectedness’ and ‘compassion’, which line the frame of our painting."