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Where will I meet you?

Where will I meet you?

Author: Nicholas Medcalf
Author Role: Head of House

Thanks to The Coffee Club Franchisee Shane Warner for recently hosting Certificate 3 Business students for a real-world business presentation. The content delivered during the industry visit was really beneficial as it covered many of the topics we are studying as part of the course.

Shane spoke to us about the benefits and disadvantages of purchasing and running a franchise, the internal and external influences on his business, a well as the many legislative requirements he must follow as a business owner.

As a franchisee of The Coffee Club, Shane focuses on seeing consistent and positive customer experiences and maintaining a loyal customer base. He discussed the current global rebranding of The Coffee Club and the many positive changes that were taking place in his store as a result.

We all truly enjoyed this experience and have gained valuable knowledge of how businesses operate in the real world.