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Wetlands Festival 2020 meeting

Wetlands Festival 2020 meeting

Author: CHAC P&F Wetlands Festival committee
Author Role: P&F

Next Wetlands Festival meeting- please consult the CHAC Community Facebook group for updates on this meeting 

Everyone is invited to attend the next meeting on Tuesday 17 March at 7pm in Room C5 (behind the Uniform Shop). All convenors are encouraged to attend, and anyone interested in running a stall is welcome to come along for further information. If you have any questions or would like to arrange a meeting with the Wetlands Convenors (Robert, Leanne or Chelle), please email us at

Upcycle Market Stall

We are looking for a team of five to six people willing to coordinate the Upcycle Market Stall at the Wetlands Festival this year. If you are into fashion, books or homewares and want to get together with other CHAC parents, then please contact us. This stall is always a big success; and with a team working together, it will perform even better this year. 

Calling all BBQers

To the BBQ enthusiasts in our community....gather together a team of parents and enjoy planning CHAC's most successful BBQ of the year! If you're interested in participating in this, contact the Wetlands Convenors to express your interest.