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Wetlands Festival 2018

Wetlands Festival 2018

Major Sponsors Announced

It is with great pleasure that we announce our Major Sponsors for the Wetlands Festival 2018:

2Wards Driving 

Colmslie Hotel

Fernwood Carindale 

 Shingle Inn

 Kara Cook (BCC)


Declutter for Wetlands

Its Spring now and the April Holidays are just around the corner – the perfect time to declutter! We are waiting for your donations of any preloved items that could spark joy in the hearts of others. Read Mel’s guide to The Joy Of Less (insert link to the article as attached) to get you started and get in touch to arrange options for getting your contributions to us.

Decluttering like a boss? Contact our CHAC Emporium convenors:

Paula (Books & Games)
Melanie (Trash & Treasure)
Jo (Fashion Finds)

Call for Crafters

Brigitte Money has taken on the role of coordinating our legendary Upmarket Craft Stall, which showcases the talents of the many gifted creators within the CHAC Community. Brigitte wants to hear from all the crafty types out there – please contact her at so the Craft group can start plotting to make a HUGE splash at Wetlands 2018.

Sponsorships and Prize Donations still needed

We are just about ready to launch our Silent Auction "Go-Live" for the Wetlands Festival and still after more prizes or vouchers to boost the online site. If you have any leads, keep ‘em rolling in! We also need some prize packs for our Lucky Envelopes stall: if you have any great but unwanted (new, unused) gifts that may make a great prize, we require adult and kids prizes. These can be left at student reception-just clearly label “for Lucky Envelopes.” Any enquiries with respect to prizes, donations or sponsorships, please email Shareen Forsingdal at

The Joy of Less

Your Guide to Decluttering
written by Melanie Phillips

“Happiness is a place between too little and too much.” ~ Finnish Proverb

The idea of living a simple, less cluttered life sounds attractive to many of us. We would like to create a home that is tidy, clean and organised. A place where we can relax, rejuvenate, and find what we need when we need it.


As parents living in the real world though, we know that kids create clutter like nobody’s business. A home without clutter is just not realistic for most families, and everyone’s tolerance levels are different. In fact, it is handy to have a bit of Zen clutter detachment when you live in a house with kids.


Sometimes there is a tipping point between an acceptable level of clutter and complete chaos. Removing some of the unwanted things from your home will help you to regain some much needed physical space, as well as your sanity.


It can often be a bit overwhelming to know where to start. Here are some simple steps to help you get started on the decluttering journey:


  1. Start with what's comfortable. It could be one room, one cupboard, or even one drawer. Realise you aren't going to get it done in one day, and don't beat yourself up for that.
  2. Set a timer and work for 30 to 60 minutes at a time, depending on your stamina. If you try to make too many decisions at once, you’ll wind up with a case of “decision fatigue”.
  3. Sort everything into one of these categories: Keep. These are items you use or that “spark joy.” Let go of things that aren’t practical, or that don’t make you feel happy or joyous. Give away. Is there someone else who could make better use of an item you rarely or never use? Donate these items to people or organisations that will use them - hint, like the Second Hand Emporium at the CHAC Wetlands Festival! Trash. These are things that would be of no use to others. Stained clothing and broken toys belong here. Recycle if possible. Undecided. If it looks old, worn or threadbare, let it go. If it’s cracked or chipped, let it go. Ask yourself why you are holding onto it. Was it a gift or was it expensive? Do you feel it might come in handy one day in the distant future? (Tip: let it go and buy it when you need it.) If you really can’t decide immediately, do not let yourself get bogged down. Box it, and look at it again in six months. A useful mindset that can help when sorting through your cupboards is to give away with an attitude of gratitude, rather than of fear. Feel grateful that you have so much stuff that you have the ability to give to others.
This is also a great opportunity for you to teach the kids that they don’t need to have huge piles of stuff to be happy. With less stuff, they can find things more easily, they can see what there is to play with, and they can own better quality items.

Jenni Dabelstein
President - CHAC P&F Association