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Week 15 in Year 5

Week 15 in Year 5

The half way point of the term is upon us already. In this ten-week term we have now just passed the halfway mark; it seems unbelievable that the June-July holidays are now peeping up on the horizon.

NAPLAN dominated this week in terms of time, although without a doubt it was the post-NAPLAN events which stirred the greatest excitement in the students. As all text displayed on classroom walls must be removed or covered while students are taking the tests, large strips of butchers’ paper lined the walls of the Year 5 classrooms.  For those old enough to remember, the wall covering did a very convincing job of replicating plain, thin wallpaper! Within minutes of the final test papers being collected however, the wall came to life as the students wrote and drew to their hearts’ content on the walls. Games of naughts and crosses, pictures, students’ names and more, covered the walls in brightly coloured highlighters. This activity along had the endorphins running high and the post-NAPLAN party only saw the levels rise. It was lovely seeing the students sitting back and relaxing with their peers while chatting, laughing and enjoying their well-earned break.

As we enter the new week at school, we ask that you double-check with your child that they have all the stationery items that they require to be organized and ready to work. Many students are needing a top up on glue and erasers; for others new exercise books are required. Students are actively encouraged to take responsibility for monitoring this and make a note in their diary of any items they need. A friendly reminder from mum or dad wouldn’t go astray though!

Michelle Hammill and Carolyn Troughton