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Videos for Change Finalists

Videos for Change Finalists

Last year, 2017 Year 10 students Lars Forsingdal, Carsten Bauer, Owen Masnjak and Flynn Menner were finalists in Videos for Change. Following the competition, the team at High Resolves sourced opportunities for the finalists to share their amazing videos and continue to make an impact within our communities. The video submitted by Lars, Carsten, Owen and Flynn can be viewed below. 

 As a consequence, the CHAC filmmakers received the following rewarding message:

'We are delighted to share that the NSW Health Education Centre Against Violence got in contact to request a copy of your clip to utilise as a part of their training program. The program is being developed for the specialist counsellors to respond to sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse. They believe that your video for change is pertinent to this work and provides a powerful glimpse in to the experiences of young people living within these environments. It is a remarkable achievement to have your video shared in such an important space. We hope you share in our immense pride of your accomplishments as global citizens and leaders, who are shaping the way to a brighter future.'

They added: 'The students who created these clips did a tremendous job so please pass on to them how great we think their work is. They are to be commended.'

What a wonderful honour to have your film clip used for such a worthy purpose. Many filmmakers would struggle for years before they are able to achieve this. As Mrs Bell notes: 'This is the most exciting news – congratulations. It’s fantastic to see the flow-on effect of the work you undertook last year and the way in which it can continue to open doors and create new possibilities.'

Once again well done and thank you for entering this competition. As a College, we are very proud of you.

Carmel Mungavin
Head of Faculty – The Arts