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Update from the Director of Primary

Update from the Director of Primary

Author: Elizabeth Chaplin
Author Role: Director of Primary

Primary news

Orientation for Prep 2020 took place over two mornings last week. It was wonderful to meet with new families over coffee and share in the excitement of seeing a first child off to school. We were joined by many current families who warmly welcomed the new parents to the CHAC community.

Primary students also enjoyed the experience of stepping up to their new year level to meet with the current teachers. I would like to remind parents that staffing for Primary is not complete so please do not assume teachers will remain in their current year level next year.

Early Arrivals

We have noticed an increasing number of students who are arriving at school prior to 8.00am. It must be noted that CHAC staff supervision does not commence until 8.00am each morning. Students arriving early are unsupervised on the school grounds.

For safety reasons, if your child is at school early they should be booked into School Plus. I ask that all other students remain with their parents until playground duty staff have arrived. Please note also that students waiting with parents should be seated. There is no play on school grounds before or after school unless duty staff are rostered and present.

Kiss & Go

The afternoon pick-up is running well. I thank all parents who graciously move on when asked and wait patiently for their children to be assisted by CHAC staff to embark their vehicles. I would like to offer a reminder that only the top three vehicles will be loaded, and students are not permitted to independently embark their vehicle unless it is in the top three vehicles in the queue.

The morning drop-off is slightly different as the students do not arrive all at once. Could I please remind parents to be mindful of the traffic coming in and to ensure that you drive your car as far through the drop off zone as possible. This will avoid the very large space forming in front of the lead vehicle, which has prompted following vehicles to overtake cars that are pulling into the traffic flow. We have had some near misses.

End of Year Events

Please keep your eye on the calendar for the end of year events as they relate to your children. We have quite a few coming up at this very busy stage of the year.

Christmas Greetings

Every year, our children love to share cards and greetings with their friends at school. This is a lovely tradition and one we certainly encourage. Please be mindful, however, of various dietary requirements amongst the children. We ask that the sharing of food items please be avoided and request that you do not include candy canes or similar food items in Christmas greeting cards that your child is giving to other children.