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Under 8s Day

Under 8s Day

Author: Ms Fiona McCreadie
Author Role: Early Years Teacher

Under 8s Day fun

Prep to Year 2 students recently participated in Under 8s Day, with this year's event marking 60 years of Under 8 celebrations across Queensland.

The weather was fantastic, and a large number of parents and younger siblings also participated in the morning.

Students engaged in eight different activities including a disco, construction, bubble blowing, sandpit activities, origami, obstacle course, painting and giant tubs of slime. 

Student Voices

I enjoyed building a box around me with the big blocks. I liked the painting and the obstacle courseSavannah Rix (Year 2)

I liked the slime and the obstacle course and the painting. Painting is cool Mia Locke (Year 2)

I liked the obstacle because there were lots of things on there. There were hoops we had to climb throughLiam Kubiak (Year 1)

I like the slime because it was so gooey, and I like the disco. I was ready for it and I’m really good at dancingMax Hollingsworth (Year 1)

I liked the dancing and the obstacle courseHarriet Rodgers (Prep)

I like the origami and the slimeJosie Tran (Prep)

I like the Lego. I built an army truckJett Watson (Prep)