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UN Youth Voice

UN Youth Voice

Congratulations to Juliet Munro (Year 9) on her selection from a field of 90 speakers to compete in the Semi-Finals of UN Youth Voice, a high-calibre public speaking competition conducted by the youth movement of the United Nations. UN Youth Voice differs from other public speaking competitions in its focus on promoting a global perspective in competitors, with speakers required to write prepared speeches that examine an international issue and then propose a clearly enunciated idea that might make a difference. After delivering their speech, students need to respond to challenging questions from a panel about their solution to show that they have considered the complexity of the problem.

Juliet spoke passionately about the problem of fast fashion, with its unsustainable usage of resources and impact on working conditions for clothing industry workers in developing countries. In her blueprint for change, she proposed the introduction of a carefully-crafted plan that put the onus on developed economies to take the lead in initiating change that would simultaneously result in less fashion waste and improve the situation of fashion industry workers in off-shore factories.

While Juliet did not proceed to the third and final level of the competition, she spoke convincingly and reported enjoying meeting the other speakers and forging new friendships.

Barbara Mossman
Coordinator Gifted and Enterprise Education