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Trimester 3 Sport Captains' Report- 2019

Trimester 3 Sport Captains' Report- 2019

Author: Lily Campbell, Dana Drought, Andrew Elliott and Methai Chrzczonowicz
Author Role: Trimester 3 Individual Sport Captains

Girls’ Volleyball

Round 3 against St Columban’s College was an overall success for many of the CHAC Volleyball teams, with the 1st VI, 2nd VI, Year 10 Blue, Year 9A, Year 8A and Year 8 Blue teams all winning their matches. The Year 10 and Year 7 teams played well but came away with narrow losses to St Columban’s.

Round 4 for CHAC Girls’ Volleyball saw all teams going up against one of our biggest rivals in the sport, St Paul’s School. Congratulations to the Year 10, Year 10 Blue, Year 9A, Year 8A, and Year 7 teams who all came away with spectacular wins in their matches. The 1st, 2nd and Year 8 Red teams fought hard, but unfortunately were defeated, Overall this was a fantastic round against the reigning Girls’ Volleyball champions. A special mention goes out to the 2nd VI and Year 10 Blue teams who are currently both tied for number 1 on the ladder with Ormiston. Let’s hope the Volleyball girls keep up the amazing teamwork and gameplay we’ve been seeing these past two rounds!

Lily Campbell, Volleyball Captain


Girls’ Touch Football

The 2019 Touch Football season has had a promising start. I would personally like to commend all the girls for their efforts against St Columban's, with a special mention to the 2nd VI team with a five all tie. Last week against St Paul's saw all junior teams win their games, which is a significant effort. A particular mention must go out to the Year 10 team who scored 14 tries. I would like to remind players to keep up commitment and dedication to see an even greater number of wins in the coming weeks. Good luck to everyone playing against Ormiston on the weekend!

Dana Drought, Touch Football Captain

Boys’ Basketball

All Basketball boys should be proud of their improvement over the season so far. This past fortnight has seen CHAC Boys’ Basketball continue with success. The 2nd V team should be commended on their undefeated season thus far. When versing St Columban's in Round 3, it was great to see everyone embrace the tough competition and compete with 100 per cent intensity. This past week, however, saw great success – with seven out of nine CHAC teams coming away with a win against St Paul's. A special shout out should also go to the Year 7 team, despite being unsuccessful against St Columban's the previous week, they fought back with great effort to secure a 29 – 27 win against St Paul's. We would appreciate as many supporters as possible at the game this Saturday; Ormiston have always shown that they are not to be underestimated, so the games this weekend should be great to watch.

Andrew Elliott, Basketball Captain


Boys’ Football

Four matchdays in and CHAC Football has not slowed up once with all teams completely undefeated until the current round in which even then, only two teams copped unlucky losses. This kind of start is to commended and has been one of the best school starts I have seen from CHAC Football since I  started at the College. With a tough away trip two weeks ago to Caboolture, the boys were all very level headed and ready to fight, this was evident with a total of 56 goals and maximum points from all teams. Our supplementary boys have also been putting in a shift with a big point earned against quality opposition Ormiston. Round 4 saw us kick off against a competitive Football school, in St Paul’s, in our first home game of the season. Wins from our Year 10, Year 9s, Year 8 and Year 7 teams puts them top of the table with serious aspirations for premiership seasons, whilst dropped points from our 1st XI and 2nd XI teams have them knocked down, though definitely not out in terms of the premiership race. Overall, teams have gotten off to a flyer and put themselves in very competitive positions and thus it is important to not let up for the coming rounds, including a tough game for all age groups against Ormiston. 

Methai Chrzczonowicz, Football Captain