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The Project student launches nutrition blog

The Project student launches nutrition blog

Author: Barbara Mossman
Author Role: Head of Gifted and Enterprise Education

Fresh, Fast and Simple

Last Semester, Year 10 student Anneka Waters pursued her passion for sport and healthy living by developing a health and nutrition blog as her project for the elective subject The Project. To do so, Anneka had to research health and nutrition extensively, as well as extend her own cooking and food photography skills for the blog's Recipes section.

The result is a health and nutrition blog aimed at her student peers featuring an engaging lush, green aesthetic and professional presentation. It is full of simple recipes for hungry teenagers that are also good for them. Anneka’s blog - Fresh, Fast and Simple – can be accessed here.

Looking back on the process of creating her blog, Anneka said, “I am so thankful to have had this experience as it has allowed me to be involved with something I am passionate about. I have learnt many lessons that will benefit my future, like developing more knowledge about health and nutrition and the importance of time efficiency.”

“I have also gained confidence. Before I used to be nervous and scared to talk even informally in front of a class, but I found that I was happy to talk about something that I was passionate about and was my own creation. I learnt many skills in photography, which is evident in my work - my photos have improved drastically from my first to my last. I am also much more motivated to be healthy, and now I definitely know that being a nutritionist is a job to consider pursuing after school.”

We congratulate Anneka on her achievement.