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The Lord Mayor's Youth Advisory Council: CHAC's 2018 Representative

The Lord Mayor's Youth Advisory Council: CHAC's 2018 Representative

When one thinks of politics and the inside works of the local government, they don’t typically envision a room of year 10 students, from over 50 different schools, brainstorming to make the world a better place. I am so glad I can be a part of this mission to bring a voice to teenagers and have the opportunity to make change on a grander scale. The Lord Mayor Youth Advisory Council is a Brisbane City Council initiative to create a platform for the next generation to make change within Brisbane. The introductory workshop put any angst I had to rest, as we were all passionate to make the city a better place. A leadership workshop taught us the importance of communication, planning and listening to all ideas, allowing us to become comfortable working within our groups.

Our task for 2018 is to generate one idea for the city and put it into action, although selecting that idea with 60 other enthusiastic students is not an easy feat. At the second meeting of the year, I had the opportunity to pitch my group’s theme of ‘our active, healthy city’ to the Lord Mayor and the other students. After much deliberation, the chosen theme is ‘our creative, vibrant city’ and we have divided into the smaller groups we will be working with. I have already formed close friendships with the 10 other students and we aim to form an idea that will change Brisbane for the better. By taking inspiration from Melbourne, our group will create a plan to put music performances on public transport, creating a vibrant, culture hotspot and develop the futures of emerging artists. LMYAC is a great initiative and I am excited to see the progress and friendships 2018 will bring.

Emma Cooney, Year 10