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The Elders Project launches

The Elders Project launches

Author: Isaac Reed and Edie Biasibetti
Author Role: Year 11 students

The Elder’s Project has begun! This project is an initiative conceived two years ago by a small group of students through the Year 9 elective Changing Tomorrow, a subject that encourages students to work in small teams to present solutions to problems facing our world.  This group, now in Year 11, then successfully applied for a P&F Enterprise Bursary to fund their project. They have been joined this year by another group of current Year 9 students who are equally passionate about the issue of elderly isolation and the lack of connection between older and younger generations.

Over recent weeks, this group of Year 9 and 11 students launched the first stage of the Elder’s Project with two visits to Pres Care Vela Nursing Home in Carina. The students involved were: Edie Biasibetti, Ella Greenaway, Isaac Reed, Maxi Mossman (all Year 11), Mackenzie Burns, Redmond Marshall and Lily Chippendale (Year 9).

The Elders Project initiative aims to address the issue of elderly isolation by building relationships with the elderly residents at Pres Care. Our intention is to visit residents regularly, recording their life experiences and stories with the aim of publishing them in a book.

We thoroughly enjoyed listening to what the elders had to say, even when we went over the same story again and again. One elderly lady kept telling the same story about the concrete gutters that were built when she was younger. Another told us stories about how she had migrated from England. One resident even showed us a handkerchief that she had kept since her childhood. We are all sure that both we and the elders appreciated the change of pace and enjoyed one another’s company.

Finally, special thanks go to Ms Mossman for her endless support in helping us organise the project and to Ms Duvenage for stepping in and accompanying us on the day.

We all look forward to seeing how this project that we are all so passionate about evolves over the coming months, and hope you keep you all in touch as we progress forward.

(Isaac Reed and Edie Biasibetti, Year 11)