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The Arts Faculty – Visual Art achievements

The Arts Faculty – Visual Art achievements

Author: Amy Harvey and Matt Hutchens
Author Role: Arts Ambassadors

CHAC's Visual Art students continue to impress fellow students and staff with their dedication and talent, and their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Sophie Smith and Lucy Bauer are two of these students whose passion for art has truly paid off. The Creative Generation's 'In residence' program provides Year 10 students with the opportunity to strengthen their understanding of the nature of contemporary visual art and gain an appreciation for the breadth of opportunities in the creative industries. To nominate, the students were required to create some artwork in response to stimulus. In this highly competitive field, Sophie and Lucy were successful in being selected for this amazing opportunity taking place at QAGOMA in early December.

Talented Year 12 Art student Lars Forsingdal was successful in being a finalist for the 'Videos for Change' competition for the 3rd year in a row. Videos for Change aims to get students engaged in film-making that inspires change or showcases an important message, and Lars' work has stood out among a wide selection of films presented by students across Australia. He was asked to create a short film advocating change. His work is titled Distractions Cost Lives, and the video can be found under the "vote" tab on the Videos for Change website. Voting has now closed, so we wait with bated breath to see what the result will be.

Lastly, CHAC's Emerging Artist Award was announced last Friday. The major prize was awarded to Lars Forsingdal, for his five-panel projection An “Un-Real” Reality, 2019. This year, a Highly Commended award was also introduced to recognise the impressive quality of this year's works, and this was awarded to Jade Venus-Glasson for her work Jade struggles with Spelling, 2019. This award has been established through the generosity of Mr and Mrs Donaldson in memory of their daughter, Rhelma – a former CHAC student who suffered from cystic fibrosis and who passed away in 1999. The award recognises the artistic achievements of a Year 12 student by purchasing their artwork for inclusion in the school's art collection, which is housed in various locations around the College.