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Thank You, Marion.

Thank You, Marion.

Dear Gary,

I don't think I've ever been the type of person to write a 'Thank You' letter, however I almost feel compelled to, given my practical experience over the last 4 weeks. I would just like to thank you and the rest of the CHAC staff for making my experience here so positive. From the teachers that just asked me 'How I was going', to the teachers that would let me sit in on their classes, it's nice to see a community that have such a focus on helping pre-service teachers.

Also, I would just like to highlight how grateful I am to Marion for my time at CHAC. It's almost overwhelming to see someone who has been teaching as long as she has, still so passionate about her students and the teaching profession in general. When I talk to other uni students who had their practical experiences at other schools, my peers often feel that their supervising teachers are just using the pr-service teacher as a mini vacation. With Marion, I would be getting constantly emailed anytime of the day or night with resources or tips I could use to improve my lesson planning, or overall pedagogical approach. Watching her teach and helping me develop, I had such an amazing experience.

Despite not having some of the behavioural issues of other schools, I would still highly recommend CHAC to continue to take on pre-service teachers due to the many learning experiences I had.

Kindest of regards,