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Tech Girls are Superheroes

Tech Girls are Superheroes

Author: Sara Grigg and Josephine Grigg
Author Role: Teacher

Everyone needs a hero and we all want a solution to world peace. The Tech Girl Superhero program is a way for young girls, like me, to express their interest in problem-solving through technology focusing on the 17 United Nation’s Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs). We might not create the ultimate solution but working in a group mentored by an industry expert and our own CHAC coaches we are learning how to take steps in ‘app’ sized bites.


Once we had bought the matching t-shirts (not joking!) we started to brainstorm ideas in order to create an app, that might help in some small way, to address a current prevalent issue for a group of people who are disenfranchised.

Creating a prototype from an idea, moving into researching it and on towards, creating a business plan, is not something I thought I could do before this program. Every Thursday afternoon is so fun, relaxed and makes me feel like I could make a difference. Throwing around ideas with a great group of people makes me believe technology can help. It is accessible to so many and can be used to make changes through sharing information from those who have so much to those who don’t.

Kaya Lurie–Year 8