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TAS Sport Report

TAS Sport Report

Author: Sam Pittorino, Lachlan McClure, Chloe Flook and Leni Cooper
Author Role: Trimester 1 Individual Sport Captains

Boys’ Volleyball

Round 3 and 4 of the TAS competition lead to some good results for Boys’ Volleyball. Our games against St Columban’s College led to five of the six games played against them to be wins. Our supplementary teams performed just as well with six out of eight teams winning. Last Saturday, we came up against a very strong Ormiston outfit; however, all teams demonstrated their development from the hard work at training and we came away with three out of six wins against them. Overall, last weekend CHAC Volleyball had 11 wins from 17 matches. I would like to give a special mention to Sam Moylen of the 1st VI team with a very impressive game against Ormiston.

Sam Pittorino, Volleyball Captain


Round 3 against St Columban’s was a very successful round for CHAC Cricket with all the teams that played coming away with a win. A special mention to Dylan Finch who scored 55 not out and Sam Dick taking four for 36 making him equal top wicket taker in the league after three rounds. Last week against Ormiston proved to be a tougher round with only three out of the six CHAC teams coming out on top. Despite this, all games were tight, I believe the boys can produce some good results for the rest of the season. A special mention to Redmond Marshall who took a hattrick in his intermediate seconds game.

Lachlan McCLure, Cricket Captain

Girls’ Basketball

Round 3 saw one of the best rounds CHAC has ever had against St Columban’s. Our Supplementary teams came out strong coming away with seven wins from eight games. Our 1st V girls put up an incredible fight in a nail bitter of a game. After being down by as many as 12 points, a 3-point shot made by Keeley Allendorf late tied scores and we finished the game locked at 33 points each. Round four saw all the girls fight hard and saw four out of our six supplementary teams come away with a win. The Year 10’s came away with an outstanding win along with our Year 9 and Year 7 teams continuing their winning streak. All teams played exceptionally well, and I look forward to continuing this momentum tomorrow against St Paul’s.

Leni Cooper, Basketball Captain

Girls’ Tennis

The last two weeks in Girls’ Tennis has varied in results. Against St Columban’s, every team came away successful. This was an amazing success for all teams and players, which I believe is from the dedication of all girls to their teams. Attendance at trainings has been incredible with almost all the girls attending every training session. Unfortunately, we did not have such great success when we came up against Ormiston last week. The Year 8 and Year 9 teams were the only teams to come out victorious. Ormiston was a strong competitor, and sadly we didn’t continue our winning streak. However, I know that everyone tried their very hardest and the windy weather were extremely difficult to play in. A special mention to the Year 8, Year 9 and Year 10 teams as in the last two weeks they have won all their games. Thank you to all the parents who drive their children to the sport and stay all day to support the other teams playing; we have created a strong, supportive atmosphere.

Chloe Flook, Tennis Captain