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Surrender and be free- our Ash Wednesday encouragement

Surrender and be free- our Ash Wednesday encouragement

Author: Desiree Duvenage
Author Role: Life and Faith

On Wednesday, we came together as a College for Ash Wednesday, a special day that marks the start of our preparation for Easter.

We were blessed to have Fr Richard Browning preside over our two services, and I hope everyone was encouraged by his passionate message of Jesus’ love for humanity and desire for us to find freedom.

Fr Richard encouraged us to surrender to God’s love, thereby finding true freedom.

The service was beautifully punctuated by student participation in singing hymns. The College’s Camerata Strings provided us with music, enhancing the experience. It was a time of simplicity and humility, an opportunity to align ourselves with God and be at peace with ourselves, others and creation.

As we move into the season of Lent, Christians are invited to look inwards and reflect on our need for God’s grace and love.