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Support the RSPCA

Support the RSPCA

Author: Anita Spencer
Author Role: Deputy Director of Primary

One of the many activities we undertake annually, with the support of the CHAC community, is to sponsor an organisation. This year, we have decided to raise awareness for animals at RSPCA shelters waiting to be rehomed.

The Primary and Secondary Environment Committees will host an RSPCA collection initiative during Weeks 6 and 7. The final collection day is Friday 28 August.

International Homeless Animals Day is held annually on 15 August, so we are aiming to provide extra resources and care in the form of useful items from the list attached. Students may wish to donate something from this list, but please don't bring pet food.

Please take your items to your classrooms (Primary) or Homerooms (Secondary), and they will be collected from there. 

The Environmental Committee students are passionate about making a positive difference, and it would be wonderful if you could contribute to help us raise awareness of disadvantaged animals. Thank you!