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Support for Drought Affected Farming Communities

Support for Drought Affected Farming Communities

Many students and parents have been asking me about how our College community might support our drought-affected farming communities. Thanks to our enthusiastic students and staff, we are planning a “Fiver for a Farmer” day on the last day of school. Students from Prep to Year 12 are invited to come along dressed in their best farming gear – boots, jeans, hats and work-shirts – to show our farmers that they are not forgotten. Obviously, a good approximation of farming gear is good enough and the usual non-uniform day guidelines apply as outlined in the Student Diary.

Donated “fivers” (or whatever your family chooses to donate) will be collected in Homerooms and the funds donated to a charity which will directly support our farming communities. There has been much discussion in the media about how donation money is best spent, and we will be guided by the best advice as to which charity or organisation is best placed to do the most good. Any community members who have first-hand knowledge of community action in this area are welcome to contact Canon Sarah.

The preparation for this is being done by our Primary and Secondary Diakonos Committees, particularly the Primary Social Justice Team and the Girls’, Boys’ and Social Justice Committees in Secondary. The House Leaders also have some surprises in store with some different kinds of “Bales” up for auction – watch this space.

Reverend Canon Sarah Leisemann
Chaplain and Director of Mission