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Students attend Digital Future event

Students attend Digital Future event

Author: Barbara Mossman
Author Role: Gifted and Enterprise Education Coordinator

Nine CHAC Junior Secondary students ably represented the College recently at The Something School, an immersive and inspirational day focused on all things digital and innovative, hosted by Something Digital and BOP Industries. Eighty high school students from across Brisbane were involved in the thought-provoking program at Fishburners, Brisbane’s innovation hub in Queen Street Mall.

The day established the difference between technological thinking (technological skills and hardware) and digital thinking, with the latter being a way of considering digital possibilities when solving problems.

“Previous generations have spent their lives pushing the boundaries of digital, developing 3D printed organs, lab-grown meats and virtual assistants to automate their lives,” the Something School organisers pointed out.

“Generation Z has grown up in a world of touch screen devices and WIFI connectivity, and do not know a world without tech, earning them the title of ‘Digital Natives’. This generation are going to be facing a unique challenge of their own, looking at how we can ensure that our digital lives are safe and secure, ethical and still innately human.”

During the day, students worked with peers from other schools to examine the concept of smart cities and generated ideas that would utilise technology to make citizens’ lives easier or better. They also looked at a range of extraordinary new jobs featured in the Career Industry Council of Australia’s '100 Jobs of the Future Report'.

Students heard from international keynote Davey Gibian, a former White House Advisor on Innovation, along with industry leaders, and was combined with a range of immersive exercises, leaving our College students with much to consider. Students attending were: Oliver Cameron, Ambryn Parenti, Alison De La Cruz, Alec Wills, Mia Plevey, Thomas Russell, Matthew Sloman, Italia Rees and Jasmine Dawkins.