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Student speakers impress at Big Ideas Summit

Student speakers impress at Big Ideas Summit

Author: Barbara Mossman
Author Role: Head of Gifted and Enterprise Education

Three College students impressed an audience of educators at a major teachers’ conference recently when they represented CHAC and spoke about how their 21st century skills have been developed by a CHAC education. The Big Ideas Summit was organised by Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) and showcased innovative educational practices from across South-East Queensland.

Madison James from Year 10 spoke about what she has gained from the school’s Enterprise Education Program and was particularly emphatic in her praise of opportunities to develop communication/pitching and teamwork skills. She also credited her experiences with having given her the skills and knowledge to successfully start her own business this year.

Thomas Poon from Year 11 explained the value of having taken CHAC’s 'home-grown' elective subjects Gruesome Science (Year 9), Changing Tomorrow (in Year 9) and The Project (in Year 10). He praised the opportunities he was given to explore, experiment, fail, and develop discipline and resilience as a learner, and credited these subjects with helping him find his path toward his passion – a career in filmmaking.

Finally, Emma Cooney from Year 12 reflected on how she has developed confidence, self-knowledge, problem-solving, and collaboration skills through her involvement in the College’s extra-curricular program, including the da Vinci Decathlon and Opti-MINDS. In particular, she identified learning the value of actively listening to others, rather than just speaking, as a lightbulb moment that was transformational for her as a member of many teams. As someone who has the self-belief to be currently organising the second in a series of webinars about Artificial Intelligence for school students from around Australia, Emma was a wonderful ambassador and embodied someone who has made the most of every opportunity available to her in her time at CHAC. We encourage you to watch these wonderful presentations below:

CHAC staff presentations also featured prominently at the event, with three staff members delivering presentations during the day: a plenary address about how our educational program as a whole develops students’ 21st century skills (Ms Barbara Mossman); a workshop about the Year 9 elective subject Flight (Ms Jennifer Chaplin); and a workshop focused on how to develop a digital education program (Ms Sara Grigg).