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String Trio performs for Year 9 Music Class

String Trio performs for Year 9 Music Class

Author: Dr Malcolm Cole
Author Role: Head of Faculty, The Arts

The Year 9 Music class have been studying music from the Baroque and Classical eras through to 21st century interpretations and 'reimaginings' of the old music. To provide a live illustration of this, the class attended a performance given by past CHAC students Sam (violin) and Tim (cello) Andrews and Courtenay Cleary.

The trio performed a wide range of music including works by Boccherini, Piazzolla, Milhaud, and arrangments of rock and pop songs by Nirvana, The Beatles, and Coldplay. The concert concluded with a wildly upbeat and mesmerising arrangement of 'Waltzing Matilda', a song that the class has also learnt to sing.

Sincere thanks go to the Trio for their wonderful and engaging performance, the class members were fortunate to be treated to an up-close performance at such a high standard.