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Stranger Danger

Stranger Danger

In light of Police reports in the media last week involving two incidents in Brisbane where school children were approached by strangers, it is a timely for parents to remind their children to be careful when walking to and from school and to be aware of their surroundings and not accept lifts from anyone who is not known to them. The following safety tips from the istaysafe website may help:

  • Tell your child not to listen to or be near a stranger–rather to move away or back inside.
  • Tell your child to never ever go with a stranger–no matter what the stranger says.
  • Share a code word with your child that is easy for them to remember and assure them that only a trusted adult will know the code word that you both share.
  • Tell your child that strangers may make up sad stories, like looking for a lost pet, needing help with a sick child, or needing directions.
  • Tell your child that strangers may offer treats, gifts or lollies for ‘helping’.
  • Have your child make sure an adult they trust knows where they are at all times
  • Encourage your child if they have to walk by themselves somewhere to walk near busier roads/streets
  • If ever frightened tell your child to go into a ‘safe place’ like a shop, police station or school and never get into a car with someone they don’t know.

Dave Pavish
Assistant Principal