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Smartwatches at CHAC

Smartwatches at CHAC

Author: Gary O'Brien
Author Role: Principal

In the past few years, there has been a proliferation of smartwatch technology. The result is wearable technology that features smartphone functionality, particularly the capability to send and receive SMS or text messages and phone calls.

This technology has the capacity to interrupt student learning and their engagement in educational programs, potentially impacting negatively on their performance at school. As with the use of any technology, inherent safety and privacy considerations must also be taken into account.

Smartwatches share similar functionality and capabilities as smartphones, and as such, their use at the College will be administered by the same policy that governs the use of mobile phones and smartphones. The mobile phone policy has been adapted to include smartwatches.

Mobile Phones and Smartwatches

Mobile phones and smartwatches are to be switched off and placed in lockers before the commencement of the school day (Roll Call), and they will remain in lockers until the end of Period 4.

At the discretion of the classroom teacher, students may be invited to utilise certain functions on their phones and/or smartwatches when it is deemed their use will enhance educational outcomes.

Please note, mobile phones, smartwatches or other mobile technologies are not permitted in examination rooms. Students are not to access mobile phones, smartwatches or other mobile technologies during lunch-breaks, and they are not permitted to wear earphones when moving around the College campus.

Phones and smartwatches are used at students’ own risk, and the College accepts no liability in the event of loss, theft or damage. The College will not assist in finding or locating lost phones or smartwatches. If a student’s use of a mobile phone or smartwatch is deemed inappropriate, they may be confiscated by staff. If confiscated more than twice, parents will be contacted regarding the release of the device.

This policy will be enforced from the start of Term 2.