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Slap Tickle Splat - Year 9 Drama workshop

Slap Tickle Splat - Year 9 Drama workshop

In Term 4, the Year 9 Slap Tickle Splat Drama class was very lucky to have two in-class workshops with Clint Bolster from Homunculus Theatre. Clint has trained extensively through-out the world in the art of Clowning and Comedy and we were very excited to welcome him to CHAC for the first time.

The Year 9 class was able to learn a number of clowning skills from Clint over the two lessons and created some very funny, energetic performances. I know each person in the class was very entertained by Clint and learnt a lot. The workshops were in preparation for our final clowning performance to be performed in front of the CHAC Preps at the end of term, which we are all very excited about. The class is now working very hard on these performances and is very thankful for the advice and skills learnt from Clint. 

Tammy McCarthy-Wilson
Secondary Teacher - Drama