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Silver at Nationals for CHAC da Vinci Decathlon Team!

Silver at Nationals for CHAC da Vinci Decathlon Team!

Author: Barbara Mossman
Author Role: Gifted and Enterprise Education Coordinator

Our Year 7 team achieved CHAC’s best-ever results at the da Vinci Decathlon Nationals in Sydney during the break. The team won the Science, Drama and Art and Poetry subject areas and came 2nd in English, earning them Second Place overall in Australia. With silver medals on chests, big smiles and red scarves fluttering, our Year 7 team emerged from the airport to surprise their parents with news of their success.

Congratulations to our Year 7 da Vinci Decathlon team for their wonderful performance: Toby Chippendale, Mischa Mossman-Postula, Dominik Beveridge, Amelie Borman, Sidney Marshall, Callie Bannister, Ryan Glennon and William Meng.

This is the second year in a row that CHAC has placed overall nationally in this prestigious academic competition, with our Year 7 team last year placing Third. It is also the fourth year in a row that a College team has won a state title and represented Queensland at da Vinci Decathlon Nationals.

To come National Runners-Up, the team of eight students achieved particularly high results in four of the ten subject disciplines, coming:

  •  1st in Science (Toby Chippendale, Mischa Mossman-Postula, Sidney Marshall);
  •  1st in Art and Poetry (Amelie Borman and Ryan Glennon);
  •  1st in Drama (Callie Bannister, Amelie Borman, Toby Chippendale); and
  •  2nd in English (Ryan Glennon, Callie Bannister).

Held over four days at Knox Grammar School in Sydney, the home of the event, the National da Vinci Decathlon is a challenging competition that demands teamwork, flexibility and excellence in a range of ten disciplines as varied as Code-breaking, Maths, Engineering, Ideation, Art and Poetry and Dramatic Performance. Da Vinci Decathlon Nationals was the final round of a competition that involved 16,000 students across Australia this year.

At National level, the team competed against other leading schools from around the country and also participated in a day out in the centre of Sydney where they collected clues to compete in a “Race Around Sydney”. The team also did some sightseeing, travelling by ferry to explore convict and colonial history on Goat Island and exploring the Opera House, Circular Quay and the historic Rocks area, complete with its vibrant Sunday Markets.

In addition, special thanks go to College staff who helped prepare the teams so well this year, and to the two girls who prepared – and packed – as our reserves (Sasha Whitcombe and Eilidh Knowles).

Barbara Mossman

Coordinator: Gifted and Enterprise Education



A student perspective…

Competing in the Da Vinci Decathlon Nationals was a phenomenal experience. The competition was held at Knox Grammar, who greeted all schools with a welcome party. The following day we participated in a Race Around Sydney, visiting Goat Island, The Opera House and The Rocks Markets. On competition day, we were challenged in ten events and we slept that night in anticipation of the results to be announced the following day. Our team placed 1st in Science, 1st in Art and Poetry, 1st in Creative Producers and 2nd in English. These positions helped us secure 2nd in the overall competition. CHAC held our own in this competition and I believe it will only be a matter of time before one of our teams takes out the national title in the da Vinci Decathlon. I would like to thank Ms Mossman for her unwavering support; there is no way we could have done it without her. (Ryan Glennon - Year 7)