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Silent Auction Live!

Silent Auction Live!

2018 Silent Auction Live!

Our fabulous 2018 Silent Auction has launched, bigger and better than ever. We are so excited to already be offering a huge range of wonderful prizes! Simply register your details online at and bid away!

Feature Auction item: 12ft Vuly Trampoline

Thanks to Vuly Trampolines, our 2018 Silent Auction features a Vuly 12ft Trampoline, valued at $750!  Click here to bid on this fantastic item, or see the full amazing Vuly product range at

Vuly's safety-focused approach to design innovation ensure their trampolines are safe for the whole family. Trampolines are not only great fun and a fantastic source of exercise for kids - the all-over body workout they provide can be great for lymphatic drainage (helping to reduce stress and anxiety symptoms) and can increase motor skills and coordination.