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Shaking up English

Shaking up English

Author: Eve Hassall
Author Role: Head of Faculty - English

Our Year 12 English students are currently engaged in studying one of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies – either Hamlet or Macbeth. Their study involves not only analysing the play, but also considering how concepts explored in the play are represented in a range of contemporary film transformations of the texts.

To support the students in their studies, and assist them in not only understanding the plays, but enjoying them, shake & stir have recently presented their 60 minutes abridged versions of these classics to the Year 12s.

Students thoroughly enjoyed the productions of Hamlet and The Macbeths, as can be seen from their reflections below:

School Captain, Sam Clark commented: "shake & stir never fail to bring life to the classroom. It’s one thing to read from a script, but to experience Shakespeare performed live gave my peers and me the chance to really understand the concepts and characters that make up these timeless works. Further, the modern context in which these performances were set kept us all enraptured – be it through Prince Hamlet shredding the guitar or an angsty teen Ophelia, the rebooted format showed us the relevance of Shakespeare’s pieces to our current world."

Music Captain Kyra Stratford-George reflected: "Watching The Macbeths performed live by shake & stir really helped put the play into perspective. Reading Shakespeare can sometimes be a bit confusing, and the performance definitely clarified some of the more complex scenes of the play and strengthened our understanding of both the themes and characters."

The Senior English teachers sincerely hope that these heightened understandings assist the students in achieving their potential when they commence writing their own personal columns for assessment of these canonical tragedies.

shake & stir will be returning to CHAC late in the semester to present shows to our Year 9 and Year 10 students.