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Semester Reporting and Continuous Feedback

Semester Reporting and Continuous Feedback

Author: Chris Nastrom-Smith
Author Role: Director of Data and Strategy

With the changes that are occurring in the senior curriculum, CHAC has made some adjustments to our end of unit reporting processes in order to incorporate the new numerical system in Year 11 and reflect the more detailed feedback that is available through our continuous reporting module in Learning Analytics. Semester Reports in Years 7 to 11 will continue to include a cumulative result for the unit or semester, along with the usual general criteria feedback relating to behaviour, attitude and study habits. While the Years 7 to 10 reports will look the same as past years, the Year 11 reports will contain some additional information that reflects the new senior program. Year 11 reports will include the student's performance (i.e. the numerical raw score) for each assessment task, the cumulative total for Unit 1 (a numerical total), a letter grade on an A+ to E- scale and a satisfactory or unsatisfactory rating that indicates unit progress towards the QCE. This additional information is to assist in supporting students and parents transition from the letter grade that has been a fixture of secondary education for many years, to the numerical raw score that will become the norm for Year 12 assessment.

As we have now moved through at least one cycle of assessment in secondary school, I hope all families are engaging with the continuous reporting and feedback features of the Learning Analytics suite. Students can access Learning Analytics via a simple 'one click' sequence through the College Gateway, which is outlined in the step-by-step Student Guide. Parents can also view their student's assessment task feedback and results through this platform, and access is available via the link on the College website. More detailed instructions are contained in the How to Guide.

As students continue to complete assessment throughout the semester, they will be asked to log into Learning Analytics to record their teacher's assessment feedback. Parents (and students) are then able to access this data anywhere, anytime, allowing greater insight into student performance on assessment tasks and creating the opportunity for students to ‘go back to’ teacher advice when preparing for similar tasks throughout their time at CHAC.