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Second AI webinar open to students

Second AI webinar open to students

Author: Barbara Mossman
Author Role: Head of Gifted and Enterprise Education

In the final week of this term, Year 12 student Emma Cooney will host the second of two webinars she has designed for senior students focused on demystifying the field of Artificial Intelligence, entitled Parametise the Possibilities: the Fundamentals of AI.

After attending the Young Women Leaders in AI Camp in 2019, Emma gained insight into the need for mathematical minds in the creation of machine learning. She was inspired by – and surprised to discover – the extent to which AI was already impacting our society and how quickly this field is developing. With support from CHAC, Queensland AI Hub and a Deloitte bursary, this webinar is Emma’s attempt to share this insight with her own generation and empower them to consider a career in tech.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an imminent part of our future and could offer solutions to some of our world's biggest challenges. This online event aims to introduce high achieving senior students who are passionate about STEM, to the building blocks of this exciting technology including deep neural networks, linear regression and algorithms.

The webinar will begin with a technical lecture presented by data scientist and machine learning engineer, Dr Ruth Pearson. With a background in physics, Dr Pearson has a wealth of experience in the STEM field and is at the forefront of developing machine learning technology. This lecture will touch on topics of mathematics, problem-solving and critical thinking, potentially inspiring talented maths or science students to consider a career in the area.

Students will also have the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded peers in online breakout rooms where they will tackle an AI problem-solving task. This will give students a chance to interact within the online forum and apply their newfound machine learning knowledge.

The free webinar will run on Tuesday evening 15 September from 7.00-8.30pm and students can register now by booking below.