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Science Week 2019

Science Week 2019

Author: Matilda O'Neil
Author Role: Science Ambassador

Prior to Science Week, (commencing on the 12 August and concluding on 16 August), the Science Ambassadors, including Emma Cooney, Hannah Dagwell, Ryan King and myself arranged three activities relating to each of the three sciences. Essentially, these activities were designed to investigate the ubiquitous debate of the best science at Cannon Hill Anglican College. For a decision to be formed, the attendance rates for each activity were noted and would, therefore, contribute to the answer to our question.

For Biology on Monday, a piglet dissection led by Mrs Smith was conducted, in which 67 students attended. During Tuesday’s lunchtime Chemistry display, 200 students attended the enticing activity of making ice-cream in a bag, further supplied with various flavours for the ice-cream. Finally, Physics finished with six students attending the rocket launch on the school ovals during Thursday lunchtime.

Additionally, this year’s theme for Science Week is Mission to Mars, therefore for the last lunchtime on Friday, a trivia quiz was selected revolving around this theme. Photos from the recent Fiji Expedition were also showcased to the attending students and teachers.

Ultimately, Science Week provides an opportunity to encourage and inspire students to strongly engage in each of the sciences taught at CHAC.