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Science Club

Science Club

What are the primary colours of light?

I bet your answer was red, blue and yellow, but you would be slightly incorrect. The primary colours of light are red, blue and green. This week we investigated how white light is made up of the different colours of light by observing light dispersion through a glass prism and then recombined the different colours of light to produce white light.

We also investigated the use of light filters, which showed us that a green object appears black under a red light but under a yellow light it looks green. The colour of objects depends on the

 colour of the light shining on them and the colour they reflect back.

If you would like to find our more on light you can visit this website. 

Our next Science Club meeting is on Wednesday 30 May. Looking forward to seeing all club members there.

Mrs Smith, Mr Brown and Mrs Pather
Science Club Coordinators