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School Plus CHAC News August edition

School Plus CHAC News August edition

Author: Sharon Molinas
Author Role: Coordinator

It has been a fun-filled couple of weeks at after school care this month with our continuous programmed sport, craft and musical activities, as well as our incursion with Life. Be in it.

Continuing on from skills learned in junior sport, group skipping, hula hooping and fitness bootcamp have been the students' favourite activities of the month. All of these programmed activities allow students to practice their gross motor skills as well as take responsibility for their own physical wellbeing.

In craft, painting has been hugely popular with activities such as marble, string and splatter painting showing students different ways to use simple materials. Craft activities allow the children to learn more ways to express themselves, practice creativity, imagination and problem-solving. Painting and other interactive craft activities are an integral component of our after school care program, and we strive to ensure all children have fun and can express themselves.

School Plus OSHC is also holding a bake sale in the junior area for White Balloon Day on Friday 6 September. There will be yummy home-made baked items (some even made by the children themselves in before school care) for sale at pick-up time. Vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free options will also be available. Everyone is welcome! So, park your car next Friday and come say hi or grab a quick snack in support of White Balloon Day.

Don’t forget early bird bookings for Vacation care close soon!