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School Plus CHAC news

School Plus CHAC news

Author: Sharon Molinas
Author Role: Coordinator

Term 4 is here already and we are now working through Week 3. We can’t believe how quickly this year is going or that we are in the last term for 2019!

Some of the wonderful OSHC experiences have been Capture the Flag, Junk Modelling, Parachute Games and Stress balls, FC Fitness Camp, and Giant Jenga. 

Our Girls' Club has been busy making compliment jars and baking banana bread, and Mr Sam Johnston and Mr Sam Levi have started a Dungeons and Dragons boys' club during After School Care.

A reflection on the launch of our Dungeons and Dragons club

Today, the Dungeons and Dragons club convened for our first proper session, ‘session 0’, which mostly covered the character creation phase of the game. This is a crucial step, which involved the students learning the basics of the game and getting to create the adventurers they will embody during the rest of the story. For most children, the adventurer they ended up with was drastically different from who they are as a person. Younger junior students created hulking giant barbarians and got the chance to play the tough guy; while other students saw what it was liking being the group’s healer and helper, having their teammates rely on them for support.

The session culminated with each group of adventurers introducing themselves in character and feeling out how they fit together as a unit. This allowed students to flex their roleplaying muscles for the first time and see each other in a totally new way. The day concluded with our new adventurers anxious to start their story and test out their new characters and abilities.