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Savouring Japanese Cuisine

Savouring Japanese Cuisine

Year 7 Obento lunchbox picnic in the Wetlands

Towards the end of last term, the Year 7 Japanese students were lucky enough to enjoy an Obento picnic lunch in the Wetlands. The weather gods smiled on us and it was a beautiful sunny day to sit outside and try some new foods, including kara-age fried chicken, teriyaki chicken, Japanese pickles (not such a favourite!) and of course, plenty of rice! The smiles say it all… A big thank you to Ms Oike for organising the event for the Year 7 students.


Cooking up a storm

While the Year 7s were picnicking in the Wetlands, the Years 10, 11 and 12 students were cooking up their own feasts in the Languages kitchen. The students are now very proficient at making ‘takoyaki’  (grilled octopus fritters).  Slight modifications were made to the recipe and those not so keen on octopus were able to enjoy a ham, cheese and shallot version.

It was an enjoyable way to finish off a busy term of learning Japanese.

Peta Nakamura
Languages Coordinator: Japanese