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Robot Soccer at CHAC

Robot Soccer at CHAC

On Monday 23 July, Alexander Bush, Chair of the RoboCup Junior Queensland Committee, visited CHAC to teach a group of students about programming robots. He brought with him a robot soccer field that he then lent to us so that we could practice, to help prepare for the upcoming competition.

He began by showing us his designs for the Lego robots and gave us tips on how to improve our designs. We then learnt the essentials of the Lego EV3 Mindstorms programming language; how the Infrared Seeker and Compass sensors worked, and how we could use them to make the robots chase the ball.

After that, we got into more complex programs that would get the robot to move away from the wall when it got too close, and point towards the goal after it got the ball. The workshop was very informative and helped us to grow our knowledge of the robots, how they work and the best ways to code.

Daniel Carton, Year 9