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RoboCup Regionals at Somerville

RoboCup Regionals at Somerville

Author: Sara Grigg
Author Role: Teacher

On Saturday 20 July ten enthusiastic robotics students of CHAC travelled to Somerville house to participate in the annual RoboCup Brisbane Regionals competition. This was not only an opportunity to compete; but learn how to make our coding more precise and efficient. The judges were always willing to give feedback and tips in each round, and I know that I am now a better programmer due to the wonderful expertise of the staff. In saying this RoboCup was also a tremendous opportunity to grow friendships with our peers and appreciate all that the CHAC staff do to make our time at CHAC even more valuable. Special congratulations must go to team Edith who placed third in the Rescue Maze division. The team consisted of Sarah Leonard, Danielle Wiezman and Liam Simmons.

Claudia Persal (Y10)


Early 20 June I, along with a small group of students turned up at Somerville House. Throughout the year we had been building Lego EV3 robots. My team programmed our robot, called EDITH (even dying it’s the hero), to navigate a maze and locate heat packages, simulating victims. There was another CHAC team who was also competing in the Maze division of Robocup. In addition, CHAC had a team participating in the Robot Soccer division. They had to program two robots to play soccer against another team of two robots. Throughout the day our robot made it’s way or didn’t make it’s way through different mazes. By the course of the day we had improved our program and the robot build so that it was much more functional. At the end of the day all competitors came together for the awards ceremony. My team, managed to come third on the day, closely followed by the other CHAC team doing Maze. We hope to do as well at States in a few weeks time.

Sarah Leonard (Y8)