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Results from Cross Country Carnival

Results from Cross Country Carnival

Author: Mark Spindler
Author Role: Director of Sport

Earlier today, the College’s competitive runners had the opportunity to race in an altered Cross Country Carnival. It was fantastic to give these students an opportunity to compete for the title of CHAC’s best Cross Country runner for their age level, even if it was not in the same format that our students are accustomed to.

There were some very impressive performances and some fast times that came from today’s races.

Congratulations to all that competed, and to the students below who performed exceptionally well.




12 Years

1st Tayah Woods

1st James Hertweck

2nd Holly Ballard

2nd Harry Orford

3rd Claudia Hill

3rd Lucas Woodward

13 Years

1st Callie Bannister

1st Samuel Orford

2nd Zoe Ammundsen

2nd Henok Moir

3rd Georgie Carolan

3rd Zak Axton

14 Years

1st Zoe Billings

1st Toby Chippendale

2nd Caitlin Teakle

2nd Samuel Paech

3rd Francesca Rees

3rd Thomas Jayasinghe

15 Years

1st Amelia Fisk

1st Zakary Myles-Hawkins

2nd Emma Milner

2nd Benjamin Masnjak

3rd Demi Westerhuis

3rd Jude Armstrong

16 Years

1st Charlotte Hansen

1st Michael Gall

2nd Italia Rees

2nd James Roe

3rd Anneka Waters

3rd Lachlan Fagg


1st Yasmin Ward

1st Benjamin Harms

2nd Gemma Buckett

2nd Timothy Christie

3rd Hannah Schultz

3rd Kellen Roberts